AL Rhodes exceeds all expectations as the reader is continually taken on a gripping journey of addictive reading. The following stories will keep the readers pulse racing, heart pounding and the pages turning. Get ready to experience life as it has never been seen before.



ISBN- 978-1-78148-923-9


Pain is a fast-paced story for young adults and adults.  The story is about eight children, connected by one mother and one gift, brought together by destiny, separated by fate. The story follows the strongest child’s early life; her battles against good and evil and her fight in overcoming the confusion she carries around deep inside. Not knowing who she is or what she is as she battles against all odds to survive. Always by her side is a young man who would die for her rather than see her in pain; a man whom she could rely on, whom she could trust with her life.



The novel has been described as ‘a real page-turner and refreshing’ as there are no superheroes. Instead, it’s about two teenagers who against all odds fall in love and are drawn into an underworld of gene manipulation, death and destruction. All created by one man – the Doctor.

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Telepathy is the second book in the series and follows the story of the same two teenagers that appeared in Pain. Once again this novel will keep you hooked and as ever is fast-paced and entertaining.


Damien knew Angel was special he just hadn’t realised how special until now. If being able to heal wasn’t enough, the speed her telepathic skills were developing was exceeding expectations. Eventually, her skills would lead to a battle between two families who had not spoken in years - a battle between people who had a similar power. Damien, her young man, would be caught in the cross-fire, but he would never leave her no matter how bad the situation became.




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A collection of some of the authors favourite short stories including:


  • Theo Meaning God - a woman who without emotion

  • Ambition - a man who will stop at nothing to achieve recognition for his journalist writings