Al Rhodes (pen name) is a British author of supernatural fiction and suspense. Originally from the North East of England, Al lived in America in her twenties and now resides back in the UK, in Birmingham with her husband. Ideas for novels are developed when travelling and written in France.

Horror has intrigued and fascinated Al from a young age. At school, aged 12 years, when asked to write a story Al chose to write about the Yorkshire Ripper. This passion for horror has never left. After a degree in Fine Art, two postgraduate qualifications and a Doctorate in Education Al's education and research is now focused on adding reality to the stories she creates.

Al Rhodes is known for the depth in her characters. Al can tell you what they eat for breakfast, their little habits and what her characters will do in any scenario or situation. "I continuously fall in love with my characters. They appear so real. I'm in love with Damien, because he never fails to disappoint me," she once boosted. Al's characters are all fictional, but some of their characteristics are based on real people.

The novels bring together everything the author enjoys reading from romance, sci-fi, mystery and horror. Combined with a vivid imagination and the mix of genres brings an unique twist to the stories Al Rhodes writes.