Pain is a fast-paced story for young adults and adults.  The story is about eight children, connected by one mother and one gift, brought together by destiny, separated by fate. The story follows the strongest child’s early life; her battles against good and evil and her fight in overcoming the confusion she carries around deep inside. Not knowing who she is or what she is as she battles against all odds to survive. Always by her side is a young man who would die for her rather than see her in pain; a man whom she could rely on, whom she could trust with her life.

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The wait is over. Pain, a thrilling and entertaining novel has now been released by Al Rhodes.


Thrilling in the extreme, Pain is a definite page-turner.



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Standing in the Rain
Theo Meaning God

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CHARACTERS (I have blood on my hands series)

The novels, Pain and Telepathy are linked by returning characters, such as Damien Harrington, Angel Wellingstone and the Doctor. The books can be read at any point in the series, you don’t need to have read the first book to enjoy the last one.

The novels are written in real time, so Damien and Angel age with each book. This allows the author to build the characters and adjust them as they experience life.


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